Finetaste (U) Limited

FINETASTE UGANDA LIMITED WAS FOUNDED IN 2018 by a team of professional entrepreneurs whose major focus is to solve the problem of drinking water in Uganda and beyond. Millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to safe drinking water. This prompted us to find a better solution that would save the environment and address the challenge. Drinking of contaminated water has caused severe negative impact on human life, causing waterborne illnesses that has resulted into loss of lives and heavier financial losses to governments in trying to treat victims suffering from those illnesses. 

Therefore Finetaste provides and installs high quality portable UV treatments machines to schools,homes, hotels, Universities, hospitals, factories etc that filters, purifies and treats contaminated water making it 100% safer for human consumption.


The vision of Finetaste (U) Ltd is to become the leading safe drinking water management company in east and central Africa


Our mission is to enable schools, Homes, Churches, Hospitals, Institutions and Organizations to become self-sufficient of their water requirement by offering a solution for safe drinking water.


To ensure all our clients receive the best services at an affordable costs when need arises

Access to safe water drinking water is a fundamental Human need & therefore a basic Human Right, Water is not a luxury but a Necessity


The company owns all the required tools to execute work i.e. borehole servicing and repair, water purification installation.  i.e. Pipe wrenches, Adjustable spanners, ppr machines, Hacksaw blade& frames, Pliers, Hummers, Screw drivers, Scrappers, Hoes, Pick Axes, Measuring tape, Chisels, Phase testers,grinding machine among others.