Finetaste (U) Limited

Finetaste was incorporated on 22 May 2018 after a careful study of the communities we live in, we noted that the majority of the people had no access to safe drinking water and unanimously agreed as young professional entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, accountants, and social workers to find a reliable and scalable solution to the problem.

Most people in rural areas fetch water from open sources like rivers, swamps, ponds and in most cases share with the livestock. Through the projects concluded as of now, we have been able to provide safe drinking water to 50,000 people directly across different parts of the country.

This is greatly improving people`s quality of life and saving them money for treating waterborne and communicable diseases like Typhoid, Bilharzia, Diarrhea, etc. As a result of the purification method, a safeguard is created to reduce environmental degradation.

There is no need for cutting down trees in search of firewood and charcoal to boil drinking water etc.) Small contributions like this greatly contribute towards our carbon emissions in the pursuit of a greener environment. Efficiency, on the whole, is directly improved; this is achieved through the reduction in sick leave days from work, school. 


Our vision is to become the leading provider of safe drinking and cooking water in Uganda and beyond by 2028.


Our mission is to provide access to clean safe drinking and cooking water through improved portable water purifications systems with a goal of eradicating water borne and communicable diseases in communities.


Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental Human need & therefore a basic Human Right, Water is not a luxury but a Necessity